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Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet

I am Mistress Ultra Violet. I am an artist, Dominatrix and model. I am truly the new breed of Professional Dominatrix: Strong, Aggressive and Fearless.

While it is important to Me that any visitor to My Dungeon know their place, I delight in the individuality of My devotee. A man's expression of pain is a thing I see as unique and personal. While he is subject to My whim, his struggles and groans come from the man beneath the mask. It is this honesty that fuels My passion for Dominance.

I enjoy nothing more than pushing a masochist's limits to the very brink, however I do not have to cause extraordinary pain in order to have a good time with you. Sometimes all a boy needs is to be reminded how small and insignificant he is...or a little restraint and the promise of My Gorgeous Ass to Worship, or My Beautiful size seven Feet, Shoes, and Boots, to massage, sniff, and lick.

Fetishists, slaves, and submissives, often comment on My innate understanding of all manner of what most would consider perverse. Though you may be embarrassed and Humiliated,( I Love nothing more than the complete Humiliation of My subjects! ) I am not easily shocked. Years of Lifestyle and Professional experience have created My own special brand of Sensual Sadism. Be warned, My morose sense of humor may mark you just as deeply as the kiss of My Whip.

Whether you crave the cutting comments that drip from My sardonic tongue, need to be caught in a pair of panties, or find yourself in need of an especially savage beating, (all three, perhaps?) I do not disappoint.

My work as a Fetish performer has given Me a flair for the dramatic that intensifies any Role Playing scenario. I derive great pleasure from the delivery of symmetrical marks in Single Tail work or Corporal Punishment. As a Female Supremacist, I believe Cuckolding, Dehumanization, Humiliation, and forced Chastity is the burden submissive men must carry for the sins/crimes of their gender. I am a Woman who truly enjoys the punishment She doles out...

I love to be worshiped and pampered. My beautiful Feet, Legs, and Ass will become the object of your obsession as I lead you deeper and deeper into cuckoldry, chastity, slavery, and submission. Trust in Me, Worship Me, Suffer for Me, and I will find pleasure in your devotion. But be warned; displease Me, and I will leave you a broken creature, begging for My attention!



Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet

Playboy TV's "Undercover"                         featured Me at

I've been a Guest of Honor at DomCon LA and New Orleans. DomCon


I have recently returned from London tour, new videos shot at  The English Mansion


I travel to NYC frequently,  you'll find  Me exclusively at  Pandora's box

If you're interested in booking an appointment, you may view my availability and travel plans by checking My BLOG

I host Mistresses from other cities in My Fantastic Space. Atlanta Dungeon


My content sites include photos and clips.




I have personal items available for purchase.  Panties, Lingerie, Socks & Shoes, etc.

For requests contact me at or



I am a featured Mistress at Mistress Ayn's FEMDOM MANSION Contact Me for a weekend slavery experience you'll never forget.

I am the Proprietress of Atlanta Sissy Feminization Academy


I visit St Louis several times a year.  ST LOUIS DOMINATRIX

I understand there are many choices in Dominatrices these days, however I am quite confident you will find Me to be the Mistress you have been searching for.


Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet




I prefer that submissives, fetishists, masochists, and slaves, make primary contact through e-mail. State your location, the city in which you are interested in sessioning. The date & time you are requesting, and the length of your desired session. Following My directions, makes it much easier for Me to respond, thus scheduling a session is greatly simplified. I also encourage you to list your interests and any relevant previous experience, including the Dominatrices you have served in the past. Remember however: Brevity is the soul of wit.  APPLICATION

Although I want you to feel comfortable (with all of your questions answered) I must limit My responses to three replies before I dismiss you as a time waster. AT WHICH will be required to pay for further email correspondence...


I Do Not tolerate those who don't keep their appointments! If you are forced to cancel an appointment (we all must at times) treat Me as you would any Professional person in your life...give Me as much notice as possible. If you schedule an appointment, then thoughtlessly cancel at the last moment (without an established history of appointment keeping) you will be placed on the list of those who are required to remit a deposit before rescheduling. For those who enjoy scheduling sessions they have no intention of keeping BE WARNED I never forget a voice, or writing style!

I enjoy speaking with you, and can accommodate same day appointments on occasion. I do at times have cancellations, you are more than welcome to call and ask if I have an opening.

For you unfortunate submissives & slaves who are unable to session with Me in person, may begin your training by submitting to Me via  SEXTPANTHER or NITEFLIRT

No rude or aggressive language!
  Be a gentleman, keep your word and your appointments!

I may be called between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. Eastern Time. I do not accept calls from blocked numbers. I do not accept text messages.


I love to travel and will accompany you to Fetish/BDSM events both here and abroad. Contact Me to discuss the details. I will guarantee that W/we will have a Lovely journey that mixes the thrill of the unknown with the honor of experiencing it all with your Mistress! Sessions in other cities may be arranged with proper notice, and verifiable hotel reservations in at least a four Star hotel


Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
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Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet
Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet


I, Mistress Ultra Violet own a vast collection of BDSM equipment (more BDSM equipment than the most discriminating submissive, slave, fetishist, or masochist could dread or dream of!) which I have collected over the many years I have been active in the Scene.


You must see My unbelievable fully equipped Dungeon . ATLANTA DUNGEON aka The "VIOLET CAVE" is a six room fully equipped play space.   It has a Sissy Training area ATLANTA SISSY FEMINIZATION TRAINING ACADEMY  Isolation room, Medical area, containing antique medical tables, all custom made metal Dungeon furniture, kneeling cage, standing cages, cbt chair, Strap-on Training Machine, custom stretching rack, standing stocks, rubber-covered bed, whipping crosses, and more floggers, single tails, canes, and other style whips than you can imagine. Various tens-units/E-stem devices are available for play, as are an assortment of insertables, torture devices, medical devices and restraints, all with an upscale, luxurious flair. The space also features a private shower/bathroom and safe, off-street parking. It is located in upscale Buckhead, convenient to I-285, I-75 and I-85. Several of


Atlanta's top Dominatrices call Atlanta Dungeon home as do many touring Professionals when in Atlanta.


I invite you to experience a truly unique voyage in your submissive journey.





Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet


* Ass Worship - Learn your proper place beneath My lovely Derriere!

* Behavior Modification - Personal training with teeth...drop that weight, stop that disgusting smoking! Change all those revolting personal habits and beliefs!

* Body Worship - I love to be Worshiped...My Hands, Legs, Hair, Underarms...

* Bondage - I will totally immobilize you...

* Boot/Shoe Worship - Your lips & tongue, My incredible collection of fetish foot wear..

* Cage Time/Isolation - You are My prisoner, and you will do time in segregation...The Dreaded Hole!

* Caning - I am a expert in the use of the cane...I have been mentored and trained Properly...No wrapping or asymmetrical lines here!

* Castration Fantasy - I will orchestrate a complete mock incredibly real you will be singing soprano!

* CBT - I have studied and refined this ancient torture into an erotic art form...from subtle to barbaric!

* CBB - You and I and the cords that bind those oh so tender parts...

* Corporal Punishment - Unbelievable collection of Canes, Single Tails, Floggers and Paddles.

* Ball-Busting - I love to kick, knee, punch, squeeze, elbow, crush, grasp, pull, twist...hold tight and poke!

* Cross Dressing - Lets play dress up...I specialize in light to full transformations. A girls night out as my Cross Dressed girl toy is definitely a possibility.

* Cuckolding/Chastity/Key holding - You need a Strong Dominant Woman who will break you down, make you order the device,  hold the key, and make you beg for release...

* Degradation - you filthy animal...debase yourself before Me!

* Electricity - I have everything from a complete Violet wand set to Medical E stem units/Tens, to PES with all the attachments!

* Face Sitting/Queening - I love nothing more than to be perched upon your face, controlling the very air you breathe...I am quite sure you will enjoy it also!

* Fetish Exploration - Ass, Feet, Underarms, Panties, Boots, Shoes,Toes, Nylons...

* Flagellation - I am an expert with both Floggers and Single Tail Whips. I own an extensive collection of both... experience My Dungeons overhead suspension while I go to work on you...

* Foot Worship - Beautiful size 7, high arches, manicured Toe Nails...just add your lips and tongue!

* Forced/Controlled Masturbation - I will control your every action and movement...the entire process will be completely regulated. I will determine the speed, the intervals, even which hand is warned begging will not help!

*F-Bi Fantasy - You must prove worthy of entertaining Me (established clients only)

* Golden showers - I enjoy nothing more than squatting ever so close to your face or cock and balls...and allowing My Golden Nectar to flow all over you...

* Humiliation - I will suss out your weaknesses... perhaps it is your tiny cock or your droopy balls... you will stand naked in front of Me before My mirror, and we will discuss your inadequacies in depth... Or perhaps it is a trip to the lingerie counter that is in order, "Oh my you didn't wet your panties did you?" Public humiliation is such fun!

* Interrogation/Psychological Abuse - Time spent in My custom made interrogation chair...just you and Me, A bright light, and the interments of your torment!

* Latex & Rubber Worship - Sniff, caress, drool...die for it!

* Maid/Sissy Maid Training/Butler Training - It's off to My private abode, where you will be trained to do My bidding!

* Medical Scenarios - My Dungeon is equipped with a full Medical Area...perfect for any and all Medical Procedures listed...

* Military Drill - "Drop and give Me twenty, you disgusting fat body."

* Mummification - All wrapped up and only one place to go...I especially enjoy partial Mummification, leaving the most vulnerable parts exposed for endless cruel games...

* Needle Play -I thrill as the needle slips under the truly excites Me! How Many can you take for Me...

* Nipple Torture - I love to get up close and personal when I work on your nipples. Biting and pinching are My favorite... however I use clamps, PES electric clips, Wartenberg wheels, weights,and mini vice grips...and some very sharp things!

* Objectification - You shall be My chair for the fortunate you are to have My lovely bottom resting on you!

* Partner Education - Your Wife, Fiancee, Girlfriend, are always welcome to accompany you while you submit to Me...I will gladly instruct Her in the proper methods of humiliation and discipline!

* Role-play Scenarios - I especially enjoy Role Play scenarios involving Teacher - student, Strict Female Employer-wayward employee, Fully Clothed Powerful Woman - lowly naked male. Strong Female Bully - weak naked man...

* Shaving - Head, Body, Legs, ass, cock, balls...I will have you naked and totally vulnerable before Me!

* Slapping - Face, cock, balls...if you can take it I can dish it out!

* Spanking - Over the Knee, Disciplinary, Sensual, Varied Positions, Paddles, Straps Strops Belts, My Bare Hands... Let the tears flow!

* Spitting - Are you worthy to be my spittoon, you need My spit in your mouth, your face, hair, dripping and running down your body... I particularly enjoy Spitting on your tiny pathetic manhood!

* Strap on/slut Training - Is it too Big, Is it too Long...What a little slut you are, I will train you to take it!
* Tease and Denial - I will drive you to the point of madness, as I bring you to the brink only to Deny you over and over again..


* Tickling - I am a wicked Tickler...need I say more!

* Toilet Training - Golden only, I will teach you to become My human toilet

* Trampling/Stomping - I thrill at the prospect of walking/stomping on every inch of your body... Stiletto Heels, Military Boots, Designer Shoes, Bare Feet...

* Urethral sounds - Wonderful procedure, tiger balm, vicks vapor rub, red hot sauce, fun, fun fun...

* Verbal Erotica - I am an excellent listener and communicator...I love to know all about your fetishes...what turns you on!

* Whipping - I am an expert with Whips. I own an extensive collection Bullwhips, Signal Whips and Snake Whips. My Dungeon is equipped with overhead suspension you may be allowed to "hang around" while I go to work on you...


My proclivities extend far beyond this list; describe your interests to Me in detail...I will be honest as to whether I believe we are compatible.

Remember, I always take the time to review and discuss your limits, fanatics, and interests, in detail before the session. I will give you a two stage safe-word before we start the session. I truly enjoy getting to know My submissive...developing trust inside the parameters of the Mistress-submissive relationship is what leads to quality sessions. I am also a firm believer in after care (allowing you to process) when the session is finished.

Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Ultra Violet


Please Copy and Paste into the body of an email and return to Me for consideration;


My email addresses are and


Name and last initial______________________

When are you requesting an audience with your Goddess?



Physical Description_______________________________________________________

Marital Status__________

Financial Status and Employment Industry________________________________

Sexual Orientation__________________________

Medical Concerns/ Physical Limitations_________________________________________

Phobias/Abuse Issues__________________________________________

Can you be marked? If so, for how long?_______________________

How often do you wish to visit with Me, Weekly? Bi-Weekly? Monthly? Bi-annually?______________________________

Do you have any attire requests for My wardrobe? (fetish clothing, accessories, or shoes)______________________

How long have you been involved in BDSM activities? (Professional/ Personal)_____________________________

Is this your first time visiting Atlanta Dungeon?_____________________________

Do you have references from other Professional Dommes? (local, national or international)_____________________________

Do you have any other skills outside slavery that you can offer Me? How will you please your Goddess other than Her required tribute? _______________________________________________


Are you comfortable being in a session/scene/show/party, with others? Mask optional. (please choose all that apply and delete the rest)

Dominant Females /Dominant males/ Submissive Females/ Submissive males/ Photographers/ Videographers/ Vanilla Voyeurs

ACTIVITIES I AM INTERESTED IN: (please choose all that apply and delete the rest)

1. Bondage: Leather, Rope, Bondage tape, Saran wrap
  Bondage Level: Light, Inescapable, Extended, Mummification

2. Corporal Punishment: Flogging, Whipping, Spanking, Caning, Paddling, OTK

3. Genital Torture: Kicking/Kneeing, Trampling, Vise, Stretching, Weights, Bondage, Manual Squeezing

4. Foot Worship: Stocking/Pantyhose, Shoe/Boot/Heel, Bare Feet
Method: Bootlicker, Toe Kisser, Masseuse, Footstool, Rug

5. Humiliation: SPH, Diapering, Cuckholding Fantasy, Sploshing, Toilet Training, F-Bi Fantasy
  Other: (please describe)____________________________________

6. Domestic Service Training: Maid, Chauffeur, Foot slave, Party Favor, Errand boy

7. Feminization: Shaving, Makeup, Crossdressing, Salon Services, Public Play, Strap-on  

8. Puppy Training: Caging, Dog Food Consumption, Leash Training, Verbal Command Training

10. Financial slave/Paypig (yes or no)___________

12. Chastity/Key-Holding: (yes or no)___________
     Duration: Long term/ Short term /Session only
     Personal Device: ___________

13. Medical Play: Electrical, Urethral Sounds, Needles, Anal Play, Physical Exam, Enema

14.  Is there a specific role-play scenario you are seeking? (Please describe) ________________________

                                   15. Where did you find Me?_____________________


 *All information will be held in the strictest of confidence by Mistress Ultra Violet*

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